Public Bonded Warehouse PACARO

The goods received from the world transit by port/airport are introduced directly into the PACARO public bonded warehouse, that is, a warehouse that is authorized to store goods that come from countries outside the EU in duty and VAT holdover. The goods undergone some processing (“general handling”) such as picking, assembly, packaging, groupage and degroupage.

PACARO provides for customs operations and distribution all over the European Union.

In the event of sales within countries outside the EU, the goods are shipped without any customs operations being carried out (import – export) and without duty and VAT
being paid.
Bonded warehouses are warehouses in which dutiable goods may be stored without paying the duties on such goods. For importers, there are a number of advantages to using bonded warehouses which mak
Also known as a customs warehouse, a PACARO  bonded warehouse acts sort of like a no man’s land where goods can be deposited without an importer or an agent needing to pay duties on them. If the importer decides to sell the goods for re-export, duties will not be incurred. Likewise, if the goods are destroyed, the obligation to pay duties will also be resolved. If the imported goods are released for sale, however, customs duties will come due.e them a popular storage option in many ports all over the world. Different governments have different laws about how such warehouses can be administered and who can use or operate a bonded warehouse.